Mar 1, 2020
Parenting Hacks

Parenting Hacks


irst, I am not a parent yet. For the last five years though I have been a sponge though from blogs to word of mouth. I want to make sure that when it's time I'm as ready as I can be. As result, I hope below helps you and if you any tips please share.

Financial Tips for Kids (Go Here)

Key values to produce life happiness:

  • The first one is clarity: the teenagers feel that they know what their parents expect from them—goals and feedback in the family interaction are unambiguous. 
  • The second is centering, or the children’s perception that their parents are interested in what they are doing in the present, in their concrete feelings and experiences, rather than being preoccupied with whether they will be getting into a good college or obtaining a well-paying job. 
  • Next is the issue of choice: children feel that they have a variety of possibilities from which to choose, including that of breaking parental rules—as long as they are prepared to face the consequences. 
  • The fourth differentiating characteristic is commitment, or the trust that allows the child to feel comfortable enough to set aside the shield of his defenses, and become unselfconsciously involved in whatever he is interested in.
  •  And finally there is challenge, or the parents’ dedication to provide increasingly complex opportunities for action to their children.
  • Timeout count with nose on something in other language up to 200
  • H
  • Have kids always say yes not yea and yes sir and no ma'am 
  • Choice the ability to try everything in sports,religion, but don't quit once you start. Figure out answer on own!
  • Words of affirmation
  • How to raise kids with confidence (1. Praise the process, 2.Never make it competition, 3. Use observational language)

General Tips

  • No screen time before 18 months. Limit to an HR a day 
  • Integrate into all chores and thank them for contribution
  • Create assembly line and give tasks for cooking and thank them
  • Be consistent
  • Rhymes: "when it time to eat stay in your seat"; "if you get up to play I take it"
  • Kids traveling prep by setting up fear unknown by do mock flight then give every 1 hr trinket
  • Parent speaks mother tongue only
  • Monthly board game eastern market labyrinth hosts kids $40 for four
  • East city book shop kids
  • Baby food by making sweet potato and beats then puree then ice cube trays then microwave 
  • Teach sign language 5-8 months..
  • Best memory apps: The researchers developed three online games: Gwakkamolé, CrushStations, and All You Can ET. Each of these brain training games support a different executive function.
  • Never buy toys in front kids only toy store to play
  • Slack and Trello at home: 
  • Talking to kids but give time go back and forth (start with faces)
  • Jimmy Fallon book recommendation for kids: The Monster at the End of This Book by Jon Stone.
  • Please and thank you, show interest, talk about what's going on world, once a month volunteer, dishes in dishwasher
  • No one word questions
  • Have them use own calendar and keep updated. Lead by example (millionaire mind)
  • I want you to become what you want to become. Find way with enthusiasm and passion
  • Stewardship (trusting one to do the job) and responsibility.
  • Keep yard green and clean (e.g don't care on the how, we'll walk yard weekly and you'll tell how going, I'm hear to help, but it's your responsibility). Money doesn't matter trust does.
  • Action Packed Leadership Book | college friend wrote this book for kids
  • The Bump (I used during pregnancy and after) learns about each stage of pregnancy and then each week of baby growing after that. super useful to give you different ideas of games to play to develop whatever they are trying to learn that week
  • The wonder weeks app. Also tells you when they are going through a "growth spurt" and what they are learning to do in the growth spurt
  • Great leadership books for kids by Jocko




  • If you left out a toy it goes in bucket at end of night. Won't get back without picking a random chore with no commission .
  • In trouble: read newspaper front and back and have conversation about three articles. (Adult pick one at random)

Things to do with kids:

  • Backpack for at least 10 days (family hostels)
  • Brew beer together
  • Global Closet calculator game
  • Leadership trust excerise like flrc
  • Pick orchard picking ( teach process
  • Self defense course 
  • Fishing, 
  • kayaking, 
  • Skiing (telluride, park city, big sky, aspen, breckridge)
  • hunting, 
  • baseball games, 
  • Mini projects for example like in tinker crates or
  • football games,  
  • boating, 
  • waverunners, 
  • hiking (rocky mountain np, glacier national, yellowstone)
  • camping,  
  • festivals, 
  • movies, 
  • play catch,  
  • vacations,  
  • see historical sites (Gettysburg, antietam, battlefields)
  • Shooting (start with taking apart at home..use app like itarget to dry fire, and then outdoor range then indoor)
  • rock climbing,  
  • volunteering,  
  • museums, 
  • build educational science projects, 
  • read,  
  • educational board or computer games, 
  • Running weekly together or bike
  • Crossfit station workout add huluoops makefun 
  • Bowling
  • Waterpark
  • Easter eggs
  • Amusement park
  • Walk/count steps with kids of aircraft at museum
  • Museums: national archives, space, all dc, memorials holocast, 911, oklahoma, pentagon, art and history
  • ***Travel abroad backpack every other year! 
  • Travel new city and have kid navigate using only maps
  • Indoor go kart track
  • Eating Out Jar, Happiness Jar, and others. Put post notes in and pick an option.
  • set up router, change ssid to broadcat, configure pi-hole, set guest network, etc.


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