Apr 28, 2020
Travel Hacks

Travel Tips and Resources

Accommodation Websites/Apps

Organizer/Getting Around Websites/Apps

  • Tripit (i.e., organizer for all reservations, plans, activities, and its FREE)
  • https://www.polarsteps.com/
  • Goodbudget (i.e., use to set categories, keep track of all expeneses, and its FREE)
  • Pack point (i.e. helps design perfect packing list)
  • Mapsme (i.e. offline maps)
  • **GoogleTranslate (i.e., download your offline version for your city your in)
  • **GoogleMaps (i.e, this is a must.. download offline google map for your area and use the pins feature)
  • Google Keep (i.e., to organize your to do list, collaborate with other travels on what to see)
  • Duolingo/Mango (i.e., app to learn languages)
  • 50 Languages (i.e., interactive website and app to help you learn almost any language)
  • ProtonVPN(use when connecting to wifi)
  • WorldNomads Insurance  (Compare website)

Transportation Websites/Apps

  • Google Flights (i.e., booking app for plane tickets)
  • Hopper (i.e,. benchmarks when to buy tickets, app only no web version)
  • DB (i.e., trains in Germany)
  • Seat61
  • GTFO (i.e., app that searches from your home airport cheap flights to get away in 24 hours).
  • TSA-Pre-check (i.e., skip the lines at security in U.S airports for $85 for five years)
  • Clear (i.e., will allow you to skip security lines but cost is a little higher than tsa-precheck $179/yr)
  • Turo (i.e. rental car for 30% less)
  • Mobile passport app (i.e. skip customs)

What to See and Do:

Best Credit Cards

Stay Connected:

  • Postogram (i.e., ability to make postcards on phone and send to anywhere for $.99 with free shipping)
  • Ink (i.e., ability to send a card from anywhere for cheap)
  • Proton VPN


  • Tortuga Backpack (i.e., here is a detailed compare website and see below picture on amazon)
  • Patagonia Backpack
  • Anker Batterpack (i.e, see picture below)
  • Water bottle foldable (i.e, see picture below)
  • Microfiber towel (i.e, see picture below)
  • Converter (i.e, see picture below)
  • Travel/Passport Pouch (i.e, see picture below)
  • Travel Cubes (i.e, see picture below)
  • Travel Journal (i.e., barnes and noblce for $8.95)
  • Roll clothes use rubber band
  • Travel cubes
  • Koozie
  • First aid kit
  • Converter
  • Extra cables
  • Micro towel
  • Trash bag for dirty clothes
  • Battery packs (solar chargeable)
  • Headphones
  • Hair tie phone to car vent
  • Skyroam WiFi brick

General Tips