Feb 1, 2020
Tech Hacks

Personal Cyber Hygiene


yber Hygiene! Below are some steps to safegard your digital footprint.

Basic Safety Precautions
  1. MFA on all accounts most importantly email and bank accounts. The most secure option is yubikey or titan key. The next best option is authentication app like Authy (e.g. allows to use on multiple devices including web browser), Google authenticator, or Microsoft authenticator.
Yubikey and Titankey
  1. Passwords: Use a password keeper and randomize all passwords with special characters to max limits (e.g. lastpass or 1password)
  2. Encrypt Devices and password protect
  3. Browse web securely using DuckDuckgo browser, brave,or TOR browser.
  4. VPN (e.g. Proton VPN, wireguard , Zero Tier, or NordVPN) when connecting to public wifi
  5. Use Signal for private messaging. Signal is a popular messaging service that got a perfect score from the Electronic Frontier Foundation. You can do all the things you would normally do through text messages, like have group messages and send photos and videos. Except that everything’s encrypted
  6. Disable SSID broadcasting so your wifi is not viewable
  7. Subscribe to Hacknotice and Ihavebeenpwned.com and change password when your accounts are breached.

More Safety Precautions
  1. Camera blocker (i.e. covers up your camera when not in use)
  2. Go into locations services for each app. Turn off or select "only while in use"
  3. Use Firefox ESR web browser (i.e. formally was Pure Browser)
  4. DuckDuckgo for search engine (i.e. no trackers)
  5. HttpsEveryWhere extension
  6. Privacy Badger Extension
  7. Screen privacy protector for your phone
  8. Keep Wifi, NFC, and bluetooth off when not in use
  9. Uninstall Facebook app and just use web browser
  10. Disable Google Web Activity
  11. Bitdefender to scan devices and use built in app lock on sensitive apps
  12. Netguard app allows blocking single services (e.g. when Facebook is built in to phones like samsung)
  13. Update your apps routinely so security patches can take affect
  14. Install pi-hole on network to block for ads and malicious actors. One of many blocklists (Covid19 CTI league).
  15. Unplug router when not at home
  16. Put on Airplane mode when not in use or turn devices off
  17. Set up shodan monitor on public ips
  18. Install Sweet security on your network
  19. Screen privacy protector for your phone
  20. Don't Use TikTok
  21. Master list of all ways to secure yourself/companies threat surface | veeral-patel/how-to-secure-anything
  22. Turn off all social media notifications (i.e. great documentary 'Social Dilemma' and organization 'Center for Humane Tech' for more info).
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