Feb 1, 2020
Money Hacks

Finding Your Financial Happiness


ugust 2018 was huge month for me. I executed on my plan to chase “happiness” instead of status. It’s been almost of a year since I put everything into a backpack to travel the world and started a IT consulting company. In doing so I left what I call my “Kush/ritzy Washington DC” lifestyle.

As that new new chapter progressed I heard the constant noise from media, society, and my peers: “I don’t have any money”, “how do you travel so much”,  and “Wow, you are so lucky”, and my favorite “My life is miserable”.

As result I wanted to try help others finding their “FINANCIAL HAPPINESS”.

You can achieve yours as well just takes the right process, tools, and discipline.

Where To Start

“Set up, automate, and stick to it!”

First Steps


*This obviously very short directed list and a tenth of my overall life tips and hacks list. Feel free to contact me below for access to my full list!