Mar 4, 2020
Brain Hacks

Healthy Mind

Limitless Book Tips
  • Morning routine
    1) make bed
    2) drink glass water
    3) cold shower
    4) breathing and meditation
    5) journal
    6) mind tea drink
  • Learning:
    1) active recall..write down or recite everything you remember from what you just reviewed.
    2) if you space out your reviews of the material, focusing more heavily on information that you haven’t retained in the past, you’re using your brain to the best of its abilities. “Spaced repetition is simple but highly effective because it deliberately hacks the way your brain works
    3) Smell and music (school house rock)

    Memory by story telling and
  • Remember names:
    1) believe you can
    2) say it and clarify
    3) use it in conversation
    4) visualize with or a thing
    5) say it as you depart
  • Speed reading:
    1) Use finger to guide
    2) peripheral vision
    3) read book up right
    4) read 20-25 min
    5) making reading a habit
    6) block 15 min in cal to read
  • Decision making
    40/70 rule. His rule is to never make a decision with less than 40 percent of the information you are likely to get, and to gather no more than 70 percent of the information available. According to Powell, anything less than 40 percent and you’re just guessing. Anything more than 70 percent and you’re stalling over making the decision. Of course, this means you need to be comfortable with the possibility that you’re going to be wrong, which is necessary in any case.

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